About Us

Damo belt factory is a OEM & ODM genuine leather belt manufacturer with 40 years experiebce in belt industry.

Founded in 1980, our family-run factory located in the leather town of China's coastal cities. Our workers consist of local artisans with a commitment and passion for leather-work. 

The founder, Mr.Dong has been studying the art of belt making and how to mass produce,he saw the opportunities to buy advanced machines, promoting the mechanization of the belt industry.With his passion for leather technology, he quickly established a reputation and created high-quality leather products for the Guangzhou and Yiwu markets. We started our export business in 2010.

Today, the business of this side continues to flourish, and 50% of the belts in the world are produced by our town. In today's increasingly fierce market competition, few factories have been adhering to the quality assurance, cutting corners and reducing unit price has been the default way of all business owners, but we still maintain the original intention, adhere to the selection of raw materials and strict factory standards, which we are very proud of.